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February Birthdays

We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to all of our members who are celebrating a February Birthday. If you see any of these athletes at the gym give them well wishes, a high five or even a good ole fashioned but slap! 

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Steve Dixon 

Karen Streeter

Anthony Carroll

David Cohn

Kevin Seaman

Guy Jubert

Pi Amin

Carly Capitula

John Angleson

Kayla Janeski

Gina Smith

Jameelah Burnett

Elise Massimo

Andy Coleman

Crystal Colvin

Walter Liss

Rebecca Rathbun

Benjamin Schwab

Grace Houston

Diana Voss

Bryan Staff

Michael Bukowski

Camille Hehn

Todd Smolen

Kate Spinney

Matt Julian

Greg McCoy

Karrah Madden

Justin Marini

Danielle Carl

Maggie O’Shea

David Garvey

Matt Miser

Valerie Salem

Meredith Haskins

Linda Riley

Melanie Vincent

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