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A Journey of a Million Meters Starts With…

pat rCoach Pat’s Journey to a Million Meters- Pt. 1

… a challenge. Every year, Concept 2 (the makers of the rowers we use) offers a challenge: between Thanksgiving and Christmas keep track of the meters you row. For every meter beyond 100,000, they will donate money to a charity. In 2013 I did this challenge for the first time; I rowed approximately 127,000 meters. It was a pain in the ass – both literally and figuratively. My derriere did not feel right for about two months after I was done.

When the holiday season of 2014 came around, I debated within myself if I would do the challenge again. In the end, my curiosity won out – could I beat my previous total and how had my body changed from last year to this? The challenge was on!

Four weeks later (24 days of rowing – 4 days off), I had not only beaten my total, I had almost doubled it – 252,000 meters! I averaged 9,000 meters a day and was still hitting most WODs. And, outside of some slight leg fatigue, I felt great. That got me thinking …

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